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Switch off the mobiles. Switch on to board games. It’s time for some serious play.

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Hook in the kids

Say goodbye to shrugs and grunts. Say hello to top-quality family time. 

The Dark Imp helps parents to reel in their cranky teens and tweens, through a compelling mix of board games, card games and puzzles.

Conversations start with a board game.

The Book

“The Board Game Family
Ellie Dix explains how board games can help familial harmony and happiness.


The Box

BuzzleBox, our family game and puzzle box, is jam-packed with exciting, original board games, card games and puzzles.


The Break

Get away from it all. Break the routine with a full-on family weekend of board games, mysteries, hunts and puzzles.

How we can help you

We help parents and their teenage kids to reconnect and re-engage through playing board games together on a regular basis. Our ‘pincer movement’ approach combines specialist support for parents, content to spark interest in young people and experiences designed to bring families closer together.

Where are you now?

Take our ten-minute scorecard to receive a personalised report about your next steps in raising your own Board Game Family.

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