Shuffle two standard decks of cards. Each player is dealt 7 cards at random, which they keep hidden from their opponents. Starting with the player to the dealer’s left, players take it in turns to take up a card (from the main deck or the top of the discard pile) and add it to their hand, and then place a card from their hand face up on the discard pile.

The aim is to collect sets of cards in your hand – either runs of one suit (e.g. 4, 5 and 6 of clubs) or groups of the same number (8 clubs, 8 hearts, 8 spades).  When you have a set of three or more, you can place it down in front of you at the beginning of your turn, before you draw. When you’ve placed at least one set down in front of you, you can place cards onto other players’ sets to extend them. The round finishes as soon as one player has no cards in hand.

The other players then score their hands. Cards in hand score their face value – I.e. 7 hearts scores 7 points. Face cards all score 10 points and aces score 15.