One of the positive impacts of lockdown has been the increased time available to spend as a family. Normally, evenings are filled with sports practices, rehearsals or clubs, so it’s harder to carve out time together.

Despite the greater time available, it’s still been hard to get the children out of their rooms… they are teenagers, after all. But there are two moments in every day when we all come together – dinner and a game. 

Cottage Garden


From the first day of lockdown, we’ve played at least one game a day. Playing every day, it’s easy to keep track of whose turn it is to choose the game. We go in strict rotation and everyone has to agree to play.

We’ve all played games that aren’t our favourites and (most of the time) with good humour… even when Bertie picked Munchkin Zombies for the third time (AAAGH!)

Some days the games have been quick – a couple of rounds of No Thanks or Fluxx before food. Other days heavy games like Terraforming Mars and Terra Mystica have had us absorbed for a couple of happy hours. The variety has been great… though we’ve played a lot of Dominion!

In these bizarre times, it’s the games that I’ve looked forward to each day. They provide escapism and a different focus. On blue days, I’ve binned everything on the ‘to do’ list and got a game out instead. As well as the daily family game, I’ve played solo a lot. 


Nova Luna

On my own, I’ve learned several games that have been sitting unpunched and unplayed on the shelf – waiting for a free moment – and subsequently taught them to the family.

I’ve found that I enjoy solo play – even when I’m playing both hands of a two-player game. At least I know I’m going to win!

As well as getting to grips with new games, we’ve rediscovered plenty of old ones. Games that had been lost at the back of the shelf have been dusted off and brought back to life. Lockdown will be long gone before we have a chance to play all of our games, though.

I need to work on a masterplan to carry on playing a game a day when life returns to normal!

What games have you been playing?