Art Director is a game for any number of players. Each player will need a piece of paper for each round.

On each round, one player is the Art Director. The Art Director draws a picture on their paper. As they are doing so, they describe the steps they are taking in their drawing, without revealing what it is that is being drawn.

For example, “I’m drawing a large circle in the middle of the paper with two lines coming out of it to left and right.. Now I’m drawing another circle on top of the first…”


“Why didn’t you just say we were drawing a tin of tomatoes?”

All the other players try to draw a picture that is as close to the Art Director’s picture as possible – using just the verbal instructions as guidance. When the Art Director is finished, all players can write down what they think they’ve drawn next to their pictures. All the pictures are now compared to the original. The player who is closest to the Art Director’s picture wins a point. Rotate the role of Art Director around the group.

To make sure that each game is different, use a random noun generator to determine the content of the pictures.