It’s been a (long) while since I’ve posted a proper news update. So let’s get on with it. 

I’ve got my Mojo

Following the North American release of my game Spare Strike Steal (published by Ginger Fox), I was interviewed by Deej Johnson from Mojo Nation. Mojo Nation run an annual pitching event for game designers and mass market publishers. It was through the Mojo Pitch that I first met Ginger Fox. 

In the interview we talk about the game, random number holidays, pitching games, sell sheets and teapot warmers.

King Arthur joins the line up

Earlier this week I visited the Laurence King Publishing offices to play a game I’ve been designing and developing for them with Mandela Fernandez Grandon. The playtest went well and we’re close to the final iteration. 

I was also given a copy of Legends of King Arthur, a card game I did the development on. In the game, players select characters to head up quests. The more valuable the quest, the harder it is to achieve. It’s a lovely little game. King Arthur isn’t out yet, but you can pre-order on the LKP website. 

I’ve placed my copy on a shelf next to the other card games I’ve worked on for Laurence King.

That’s the Spirit

A few months back I was interviewed by Guy Allen from Tabletop Spirit. Over a few cups of tea we talked about designing games in unusual formats, playtesting, how I get ideas for new games and local production of games.

The magazine is produced digitally and is available for free. You can read it here.


A couple who’ve opened a board game shop & play space in Palo Alto, California, say that my book The Board Game Family is the “philosophical heart of [their] store”.  

They say, “The book talks about the many ways that board games can serve to help people open up to each other, learn developmental and social skills and ultimately bring families closer together.”

Now, isn’t that lovely?

Lingo Land

One of my print & play roll-and-write games – Lingo Land – has had a solo playthrough on YouTube by Sir Thecos. Do have a look at the video to see how it plays. 

About the game: “The King of Lingo Land sets all visitors a task and only the highest performers are admitted. You’re under pressure and you need to impress. Five complete words must be created to secure your entry. The longer the word, the more you’ll score and topical words are even better. But beware, gobbledygook will get you nowhere!”


And finally – one for the italian speakers…

My game Uranus! has had an Italian review, thanks to Cercatore di Perle.

Let me know what you think!