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Board Game Development

The process of getting a board game from initial concept to publication is varied and can be challenging. The game developer’s role is critical in bringing the ideas of the designer to life in a format that works well for the publisher.

My aim is to sharply focus on what makes a game special: looking for the innovation and creativity within a design and making sure that shines through. The user experience influences and drives the process: we want games to be intuitive, elegant and well suited to the target audience.

I specialise in light strategy, family and educational games, I work with both publishers and designers. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your project.

Ellie is incredibly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and business-like – a great combination! I highly recommend working with her.

Sarah Batten

Commissioning Editor, Laurence King

Board Game Design Commissions

Do you want a board game but lack the in-house game design expertise? Commission me to create a board game that suits your audience, your production budget and your objectives.

I work with companies, organisations and individuals to create games to suit different purposes. Board games are a fantastic way to engage staff, customers and learners. Well designed games are played repeatedly, giving you a chance to thoroughly embed your message or your brand.

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Bespoke board game consultancy

Consultancy is tailored to your needs as a designer, your objectives and your game.

I can advise on:

  • Playtesting and the iterative design process
  • Game development
  • Deciding what to do next with your game
  • Understanding how the board game industry works
  • Creating sell sheets and delivering winning pitches to publishers
  • Getting to grips with the business of self-publishing: manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution
  • Launching games on Kickstarter: the ins and outs of crowdfunding
  • Managing artwork, graphic design, proof-reading and blind-testing
  • Accessing game design resources and support

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