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Board Game Design Commissions

Do you want a board game but lack the in-house game design expertise? Commission us to create a board game that suits your audience, your production budget and your objectives.

The Dark Imp works with companies, organisations and individuals to create games to suit different purposes. Board games are a fantastic way to engage staff, customers and learners. Well designed games are played repeatedly, giving you a chance to thoroughly embed your message or your brand.

I cannot recommend Ellie highly enough. From analysis to design and development, Ellie handheld Lambda Chi through the development of the Chapter Challenge. Akin to running a small business, it requires participants to balance resources against ever changing priorities. At launch, we had nearly 170 US students playing for six hours! Not one mobile phone was in sight. They were all engaged. Fun, practical and deeply collaborative, the simulation is everything we wished for, and more. It really is experiential learning at its finest. If you want to build your team, elevate decision making, and futureproof your organisation, reach out to Ellie.

Simon Taylor

Chief Learning Officer, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

Board Game Development

The process of getting a board game from initial concept to publication is varied and can be challenging. The game developer’s role is critical in bringing the ideas of the designer to life in a format that works well for the publisher.

My aim is to sharply focus on what makes a game special: looking for the innovation and creativity within a design and making sure that shines through. The user experience influences and drives the process: we want games to be intuitive, elegant and well suited to the target audience.

I specialise in light strategy, family and educational games, I work with both publishers and designers. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your project.

Ellie is incredibly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and business-like – a great combination! I highly recommend working with her.

Sarah Batten

Commissioning Editor, Laurence King

Bespoke board game consultancy

Consultancy is tailored to your needs as a designer, your objectives and your game.

I can advise on:

  • Playtesting and the iterative design process
  • Game development
  • Deciding what to do next with your game
  • Understanding how the board game industry works
  • Creating sell sheets and delivering winning pitches to publishers
  • Launching games on Kickstarter: the ins and outs of crowdfunding
  • Accessing game design resources and support

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