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Mini Town is a roll & write city-building game for any number of people that you can download, print and play at home.

I highly rate this game! So simple to get started but it’s the sort you want to play again as soon as you finish a round. Really encourages problem-solving with its push-your-luck mechanics and I could see players of any age loving this!

Jake Waller

I always carry a couple of games in my bag to fill those moments when we’re out and one of the family complains about being bored! Mini Town is perfect for this as it’s just a couple of dice, a few sheets of paper and a pencil each. The kids love seeing their towns grow as they play – in all honesty, we all take pride in our town’s appearance! On the surface it seems that this is a very simple game, but the choices you make really matter: early game it’s best to keep your scoring options open; later, as spaces fill up, looking for the best scoring opportunities becomes crucial.

Michelle Skevington-Carter