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The Dark Imp Cracker Games 
the imp box

517% FUNDED!

Campaign ran from 1st Sept – 1st Oct ’20.


SIX GAMES: Each cracker-shaped box contains six different games for 2-6 players using the same components.

: The games are quick and light. They are designed to be played at Christmas and are easy to fit around the turkey and trimmings. With the rules to each game on a single sheet, you’ll be playing in just a few minutes.

: Unlike normal crackers, the Dark Imp cracker box is not single-use. You can play the games as many times as you wish. The cracker box has a twist-end structure, so you can open and re-close it. This is the cracker that keeps giving!

: The Cracker Games are eco-friendly and completely plastic free. The cracker box contains a set of cards, six cardboard screens, six paper rule sheets and a load of wooden components in a canvas bag.

: The Cracker Games are designed using simple (but interesting) concepts for multi-generational play. Games are suitable for ages 8+.

: The Cracker Games look beautifully festive. A delightful addition to any Christmas table.