Licensed Games

Games with Publishers

Ellie from The Dark Imp designs games which are then licensed by publishers.

  • Games can be created in partnership with publishers.

  • Some games are designed with certain specific publishers in mind, then pitched to them.

  • Other games are designed with no particular publisher in mind, then pitched widely.

Games Created in Partnership with Publishers

Publishers with specific games in mind may approach The Dark Imp to create the game to specifically suit their needs. 

This is most often arranged on royalty and advance agreement. The publisher is not obliged to sign the game after the work is complete, but as the game is designed entirely to their requirements, an unsigned game would be unusual. 

The Dark Imp is currently working in partnership with several different publishers. Specific projects are currently under wraps. But the image shows part of the prototype of one of these games.

Games Designed with Publishers in Mind

The Dark Imp works with publishers who share their wish lists. 

When we know the kinds of games you’re looking for or the slots you wish to fill, we can create games specifically with you in mind. 

We are happy to sign NDAs and welcome the opportunity to work with more companies. 

If you have an inventor newsletter, please get in touch. 

Widely-Pitched Games

At any one time there are around 30-40 Dark Imp games that are being pitched to publishers.

If you would like to see our current games, get in touch to arrange a live pitch (near London or at a UK convention) or an online virtual pitch.

Sell sheets, sizzle reels and draft rules are available for all games.

We have games licensed by the following publishers