10 Packs of Placemat Games


These A3 placemats contain two games – one on each side. The games both have a desert island theme: Beach Life and CastawayEach pad contains 50 paper placemats.

All the instructions for each game are displayed on the placemat.  You just need 3 dice and a pen. To play, you write directly onto the placemat.

Both games can be played with any number of players. These games are also ideal for playing online via videoconferencing.

Discounts available for schools purchasing 50+ pads – please contact us to enquire.

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Beach Life: While building a giant sandcastle, you notice that you are sharing the beach with a variety of sea-dwellers. You discard your bucket and space to give the creatures a helping hand. Get points for helping each animal, most points wins.

Castaway: You are stranded on a desert island. Use the resources at your disposal to make life more comfortable and/or increase your chances of rescue. Get points for developing your island. Most points wins.

For both games… Roll the dice and each player decides how they will use the dice rolls on their own board.

Find out how to play the games below.

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