BuzzleBox 2: Doughnuts & Cake!


Age 8+   |  2-4 players

The BuzzleBox is a selection of original board games and puzzles designed especially for families. Each BuzzleBox has a theme. The theme of this box is Doughnuts and Cake!

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BuzzleBox 2 contains:

  • Doughnut Dash: An original Dark Imp game for 2-4 players
  • Top Cake: An original Dark Imp tin game for 2-4 players
  • A series of puzzles to get your brain around
  • Three Game Cards: Games you can play with playing cards, dominoes and dice.
  • Sleuth Box: An original Dark Imp game… on a coaster.

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  1. Ellie Dix

    “We have been absolutely blown away with this package.”

    Unboxing video

    Review video

    Nick Welford
    Board, Deck & Dice

  2. Ellie Dix

    “There’s a ton of variety in this and most of all… inventiveness.”
    “Doughnut Dash is a fantastic introduction to programming games.”
    “This would be a fantastic collection to be getting everyone together with [in a family].”

    Watch the full review.

    Tom Heath

  3. Ellie Dix

    “We really enjoyed ours and the hours of entertainment we have had from it so far make it excellent value. There are loads of reasons to treat the family to a Buzzlebox or it would make a great gift for another family. For us it will the perfect addition next time we are going on holiday. We always take games with us and having tried one of the boxes I would be confident taking this pack of new games as a holiday treat. We usually go camping in the UK so it will be perfect for that ‘occasional’ rainy day!”

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    Ann Jones
    Cards or Die

  4. Ellie Dix

    “Opening up our Doughnuts & Cake BuzzleBox was very much like being a kid at Christmas. In a sustainably minded way, the outer box is the box in which your collection will be posted and inside there are many treats to discover…”

    “Sleuth Box may be the most portable game I have ever played. Often when I play a game I wonder if they could have trimmed the fat a little, removed a little rule which made the game that touch more clunky than it needs to be. Sleuth Box has trimmed so much fat off the deduction genre that it turned 2D! It’s a quick, 2-5 minute, 2-player game that works fantastically and presents a decent challenge, particularly as you are trying to race your opponent. There’s not much I can say against this little game, it is functionally near perfect.”

    “Doughnut Dash is very simple to pick up, but it definitely gets you thinking about how to move most effectively on your turn. The addition of the sugar rush cards which provide bonus actions, such as spinning the tiles on the board or jumping over doughnuts as part of your movement really add an extra layer when you are planning your turn. The game is good fun for adults, but could be an even better teaching tool for families to learn about programming and logic. It’s a great blend of the simplicity of something like Robot Turtles with more of the fun and game-like aspect of Robo Rally, but none of the frustration of being knocked off course by other players.”

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    Amy & Fiona
    The Game Shelf

  5. Ellie Dix

    Unboxing video

    Oliver Kinne
    Tabletop Games Blog

  6. Ellie Dix

    Unboxing video

    Board Games in Bed

  7. Ellie Dix

    “I’m trying to make this review sound like the kids were excited about opening all of this stuff up, and sure, they were. But, truth be told, even as an adult, opening up the box was a treat.”
    “Each of the games were well packed and presented with well done rule sets, beautiful box covers, and lots and lots of artwork and brightly colored pieces. Clearly, the folks at The Dark Imp love board games and want that first experience with school or family gamers to be memorable.”
    “The Dark Imp — to no surprise — includes a great rule set in the box AND tons of help on the website, like this helpful how to play video. Really, the BuzzleBox is the complete package in terms of marketing, production and support. Kudos.”
    “Compared to the oh-so-boring educational games I played in our TaG program back in elementary school, the games in the BuzzleBox have modern mechanics, bright beautiful graphics, excellent production and an obvious care in packaging to heighten the excitement and enjoyability.”

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    BJ Rozas
    Board Game Gumbo

  8. Louise Lithgow-Dicker

    “My son’s addicted to cake”. He absolutely loves the Top Cake game and we found it was easy to play and great fun that we could all enjoy. My daughter really enjoyed putting the stickers on the Dougnuts the setting up all the games and found the games really engaging.

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