Cracker Games: The Imp Box


Age 8+  | 10-20 minutes  |  2-6 players

Six family games in a giant twist-end cracker. Gorgeous, high quality components and completely plastic-free. Reusable, zero-waste and highly innovative. A perfect addition to your Christmas table.


  •  QUICK AND LIGHT: The games are quick and light. They are designed to be played at Christmas and are easy to fit around the turkey and trimmings. With the rules to each game on a single sheet, you’ll be playing in just a few minutes.
  •  REUSABLE: Unlike normal crackers, the Dark Imp cracker box is not single-use. You can play the games as many times as you wish. The cracker box has a twist-end structure, so you can open and re-close it. This is the cracker that keeps giving!
  •  PLASTIC FREE: The Cracker Games are eco-friendly and completely plastic free.
  •  HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS: The cracker box contains a set of cards, six cardboard screens, six paper rule sheets, six wooden imps and a load of wooden components in a fabric bag.
  •  MULTI-GENERATIONAL: The Cracker Games are designed using simple (but interesting) concepts for multi-generational play. Games are suitable for ages 8+ with various levels of post-Christmas dinner brain-power.
  •  ATTRACTIVE: The Cracker Games look beautifully festive. A delightful addition to any Christmas table.

Recognition: Recommended by The Good Toy Guide.

  • In IMPulsive, you vote tactically to win cubes from your opponents while keeping your own safe.
  • In IMPressive, you’re trying to collect sets of imps by choosing from a line up of available cards with ascending costs. 
  • In IMPetuous, speed is of the essence. Flip cards, spot matches and gain points.
  • In IMPatient, you are subtly trying to influence the outcome of an imp race.
  • In IMPrudent, you need cubes and you need cards, but each turn you have to prioritise.
  • In IMPassive, your aim is to manipulate the value of imps while ending up with the highest scoring cards.


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  1. Ellie Dix

    Hairy Game Lords

    “Absolutely loved it. What a brilliant, brilliant idea. The only thing missing is a snap in your Christmas cracker. But I would happily replace every cracker I’ve ever had to have this at my Christmas table… We’re gamers, but we’ve enjoyed every single one of the [cracker] games. But you could easily teach kids and non-gamers these – in a matter of moments… Really simple rules and great little games… It’s bringing in some quite impressive mechanics to a cracker game. How clever is that?”

    Here’s the full video review:

  2. Ellie Dix

    Cards or Die

    “The games are quick to learn, fun to play and are strategic enough to entertain all abilities making it a brilliant gift for any family… While you could just leave it on the games shelf and play these clever little games all year round, ours is going to live with the Christmas decorations and become part of our traditions on Christmas day.”

    Read the full review:

  3. Ellie Dix

    We’re Not Wizards

    “Ellie knows how to add that little bit extra complexity that is the most wonderful additional garnish. Not complication for complication sake, but additional mechanics that you’ll often see in some of the bigger games we are so desperate for our friends and family to try.”

    Read the full review:

  4. Ellie Dix

    Board, Deck and Dice

    “I’m excited about the potential of some young people getting hold of this and becoming the game designers of tomorrow. That’s what excites me a lot about this.”

    Watch the full video review:

  5. Ellie Dix

    Tabletop Games Blog

    “The packaging is really nice and looks wonderful on the table, just like a traditional cracker would.”

    Read the full review:
    Watch the unboxing video:

  6. Ellie Dix

    The Game Shelf

    “Dark Imp manage to pack some advanced gaming concepts in a series of simple to play and fast to learn games. Honestly, the feat of making these so easy to learn and play is fantastic… The Dark Imp are doing great work in creating new and innovative products that bring modern board gaming to a broader audience.”

    Read the full review:

  7. patatedestenebres

    Just the idea of ​​having six different games fit in such a small package is excellent and well thought out! The games themselves are really fun, perfect for exploring the different genres of modern board games, all with great hardware. I also like, as a game creator, to see this graphic identity repeated everywhere, creating a homogeneous product. A very nice discovery that these craker games!

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