Don’t Count Your Chickens: The Mayor & The Maths


This is an expansion for Don’t Count Your Chickens. It cannot be played on its own but can be added to the base game to mix things up a bit. There are two sections to this expansion – The Mayor and The Maths – which can be added together or separately.

The Mayor: The mayor has heard about your street’s poultry rivalry – a.k.a. ‘Bird Wars’ – and has decided to pay a visit. She’ll spend time on the street and ultimately select one player to receive the “Mayor’s Award”. But will the award help or hinder? It may be a prize best avoided.

The Maths: The value of farm birds fluctuates. One day the whole world wants chickens, the next, roosters. The difference in value can be massive. Make sure you can work out how much each animal is worth or you might end up with a turkey.



When The Mayor is added to the game, a new hidden rule comes into play. This rule will only affect the player holding The Mayor at the end of the game. It could be a great benefit, or a huge drawback.

When The Maths rules are added to the game, animals could now be worth three times another animal. The addition of these simple rules can create much bigger disparities between the value of each bird and will increase the mental arithmetic required of players!

The expansion contains:

  • 14 Rule Cards
  • 1 Action Card
  • 1 Rule Marker Card
  • The Mayor (a purple wooden imp)
  • 1 Expansion Rule Book

Please note: The expansion is sent in a small plastic self-seal bag. It is small enough to fit into the main game tin with the base game, so no additional box is sent.

Additional information

Weight 0.026 kg


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