Doughnut Dash


Age 8+  | 30-45 minutes  |  2-4 players

You are the boss of a small-time gang of doughnut thieves. The best pickings are found at the world-famous Holesome Indoughstries factory, winner of the prestigious Jammy Fingers Award. But with a recent sprinkling of thievery, Holesome Indoughstries have made some changes to the factory floor in an attempt to frostrate would-be thieves. Now, you’ve hacked into the surveillance system and put your two finest pilferers on the ground. Help them snatch the cream of the crop while avoiding the sticky fingers of rival gangs.


  • 2021 Imagination Gaming Awards: Overall winner – B.I.G.G.Y. (Best Imagination Gaming Game of the Year)
  • 2021 Independent Toy Awards: Bronze Medal

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In Doughnut Dash, you must manoeuvre your gang of two thieves to steal doughnuts from the factory floor and from other thieves. The player who has the most valuable stack of doughnuts at the end of the game wins.

Designer: Ellie Dix
Artist: Anastasia Cartovenco
Graphic Designer: Maria Tsareva

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  1. Ellie Dix

    “I like Doughnut Dash. I like Doughnut Dash a lot. I like how the game teaches directions and spacial awareness, I like how it forces the player to not always make sub optimal decisions and learn how to compensate for those decisions. I like the hurt and rescue mechanics for some of the doughnuts and I like how it tries to make sure that players never gain too much of an upper hand. I like the fact it teaches tactics and planning without making it feel you are being taught. Doughnut Dash really surprised me, and if you are looking for something that will bring a lot more than most games designed for family play, then you should definitely consider adding this to your collection.”

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    Listen to a 1-minute clip of Richard talking about Doughnut Dash on the Board Game Barrage podcast.

    Richard Simpson
    We’re Not Wizards

  2. Ellie Dix

    “You could easily play Doughnut Dash with very little planning and have a great time and get a great score, which is why the game is also really suitable for players with less experience of modern board games. However, you can also play Doughnut Dash at a much more strategic level. The game is almost a perfect information game, allowing you to plan many steps ahead. It’s often obvious what the others will do on their turn and you know exactly which direction cards they have to play, so you could really just math everything out if you wanted. Of course, it’s not that simple. For one, the other players know that you know what they know and will act accordingly, surprising you with actions that you hadn’t counted on…

    “The Dark Imp has done a great job with the game. Every game is different and it really changes with different numbers of players and different player groups. I have played games that were quick and fun and mainly consisted of trying to snatch doughnuts from each other, as well as games where every turn was carefully considered and players’ Sugar Rush actions used to great effect.

    “The components in Doughnut Dash are amazing as well. You can see that in my unboxing video for BuzzleBox, which is a great collection of games, which includes Doughnut Dash. The sixteen factory tiles which make up the game board are thick and provide a lot of variability. The doughnuts are represented by chunky wooden discs and colourful stickers. The cards are really thick and seem very durable – no sleeving needed.

    “I think it’s a great production and will offer you a lot of fun gameplay with the family, as well as some strategic thinking for those people who prefer that sort of thing.”

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    Oliver Kinne
    Tabletop Games Blog

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