12 Notepad Games


Twelve notepad games.

These games are all ‘roll & write’ games for any number of people. The dice are rolled and play is simultaneous. Choose how you use the dice rolls on your own sheet.

  • Palatial is a tetris-style puzzle game about fixing up a dilapidated stately home.
  • Mini Town is a city-building game which relies on strategic placement of buildings, parks and roads.
  • Bank or Bust is a push-your-luck game in which you’re trying to gather the most gold.
  • Lingo Land is a word game where gobbledygook will get you nowhere.



Each set of notepad games contains the following:

  • 3 x Palatial notepad game
  • 3 x Bank or Bust notepad game
  • 3 x Mini Town notepad game
  • 3 x Lingo Land notepad game
  • Six dice

Each notepad game contains 50 scoresheets.

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