Greeting Card Games (1 pack of 6)


These six games are each entirely contained within a greetings card. The game board is on the front of the card, with the rules on the reverse. On the back, cut off the component section and flip out the player aid, which has a space on the back for you to write a message. Use the envelope as a game box. Give a card that’s also a game!

All games are suitable for age 8 and up.

Each pack contains one of each game.


The games

Splinter: A paper-cutting party game  |  3-10 players  |  30 mins  |  low complexity

Each round you’ll be given a task, but you have to choose how much paper to use. How much paper will y ou need to create an ingenious standing sculpture, build the highest tower or fly a paper plane the furthest? But be warned… You only have one piece of paper for the whole game and you don’t want it to run out!

Enemy Lines: A head-to-head strategy game |  2 players  |  15 mins  |  low complexity

It’s a stand-off. Old enemies… head to head. Your aim is to get three of your battleships across no-man’s land and firmly within enemy lines. But don’t get too distracted… You must protect your ships and your home territory or you’ll find yourself sinking quickly.

Guess How: A cooperative legacy game |  1-4 players  |  15 mins  |  basic game: low-mid complexity; advanced game: high complexity

The pawns need to get home, but their movement is restricted. As a team (or as a solo player) it’s your job to help. After a square has been vacated, it is blocked and can never be returned to. This game has an advanced legacy mode where you take on four different missions and permanently change the board after each one.

In the Drawing Room with the Hatchet: A cut-throat programming game |  3-6 players  |  30 mins  |  mid complexity

This is a kill-or-be-killed situation. Hide a weapon, find another player’s hidden weapon and do as much damage as you can. Programme your actions to move around the house, search a room, question your enemies, activate powers and use your weapon. Killed players become ghosts but may still kill others. Can you be the last (living) person standing?

Snakes, Ladders and a Pogo Stick: A worker placement race game |  3-5 players  |  25 mins  |  mid-high complexity

It’s a race. The first to cross the finish line wins… but it’s not easy to get there. Place your workers on actions to move forwards, backwards, swap places with another player or take turn advantage. If you manage to grab the pogo stick you could bounce great distances. But can you stop others pushing you back?

Another Life: An economic action selection game |  2-4 players  |  30 mins  |  high complexity

You’ve lost almost everything in a shipwreck and now you must try to make a new life for yourself in this archipelago. Improve your health, wealth and education by travelling to different islands and taking the actions there. Good planning and pirate shenanigans will help you rise to the top.

Additional information

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