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The Board Game Family: Reclaim your children from the screen


Author and educationalist Ellie Dix has been playing board games since she can remember. She’s an advocate and an aficionado.

In her persuasive, engaging book, she argues that board games are the perfect antidote to today’s many digital distractions. As well as a fun, effective means of opening lines of communication in families with sometimes diffident teenagers.

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A roadmap to integrating board gaming into family life, filled with irresistible ways to engage even the trickiest of teenagers and manage game nights with flair.

Many parents feel as if they are competing with screens for their children’s attention. As their kids get older, they become more distant – leading parents to worry about the quality of the already limited time they share. They pine for tech-free time in order to reconnect, but don’t know how to shift the balance.

In The Board Game Family, Ellie Dix aims to help parents by inviting them and their families into the unplugged world of board games. The benefits of board games are far-reaching. Playing games improves memory formation and cognitive abilities, boosts critical thinking, develops interpersonal skills and refines our problem-solving and decision-making.

With these benefits in mind, Ellie explains how parents can unleash the potential of those dusty boxes at the back of the cupboard and become teachers of outstanding gamesmanship – equipped to navigate the unfolding drama of competition, thwart the common causes of arguments and tears, and bind together a happier, more social family unit.


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