You are a novice astronaut aiming to make a great first impression. But you’ll need a quick hand and a laser-sharp focus to triumph in this relentless countdown test. Quickly decode the confusing symbols and swipe a card before each countdown finishes. Collect high-scoring sets of cards to bag the most points in this game of speed card- drafting and befuddling set collection.
Score the most points by collecting runs and sets of cards, by scoring bonuses and by avoiding bombs. You need to draft cards quickly while a player counts down from 10 to 0. To make the game more complicated, the cards are designed to be confusing, so you need to de-code quickly to make sure you’re selecting the right ones.

How to play

Download Extra Card Markers
(to play with 5-9 players)

The Countdown Confusion game box contains Card Markers for up to 4 players. To play with up to 9 players, you can download and print extra Card Markers here.

Designer: Ellie Dix
Artist: Anastasia Cartovenco
Graphic Designer: Marina Tsareva