Emboldened by competitive gardening, your neighbourhood develops a new obsession:domestic fowl. You want to gather the most valuable flock, but your research has been, well, paltry. The market is unpredictable. Will it be chickens, turkeys or roosters that gives the greatest return? Discover how much each bird is worth, while building your collection. Who will win the feathered crown and who will end up with egg on her face?

Each player acquires animals, with the aim of gathering a prize flock. However, the value of each animal type is hidden and can only be discovered by looking at information on the rule cards and animal cards. A player may always look at the rule card or animal card in front of her. To look at the other cards, players must use the actions to swap rule cards or animal cards with those in the middle or pay another player to take a peek at her rule card or animal card. Players are allowed to write information down as they discover it. The player with the most valuable brood at the end of the game is the winner.


How to play

Designer: Ellie Dix
Artist: Anastasia Cartovenco
Graphic Designer: Marina Tsareva