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Games for guests

Delight your guests with original games from The Dark Imp.

screen-free entertainment for rainy days makes holidays memorable.

Why Board Games?

Games have the power to bring people closer together, to strengthen relationships and to create shared experiences. Dark Imp games are perfect for multi-generational play. 

Being on holiday is a perfect time to play games… there is more time, less stress and fewer distractions. Making games available really increases guest satisfaction. It will encourage them to refer others and to return year after year.

Access your discounted rate

Owners of holiday rental accommodation can access special discounted rates. To enable you to make a profit on each game you sell to guests…

You will receive 25% off all games and free shipping

To access your special discount code, please contact us using the form below. 

Selling New Games to Guests

When you send out your post-booking or pre-arrival information ask them if they’d like to order a new board game for their stay.

Take advantage of our special rates for holiday accommodation and sell games on to guests at the recommended retail price to make a margin on each sale.

The games will be there for the guests’ arrival for them to play with during their stay and to take home when they leave.

Games for Welcome Packs

Dark Imp Coaster and Placemat Games are perfect for your welcome packs.

Coaster Games: Six different games on coasters – each with the game on one side and the rules on the other. A complete set will cost you less than £1 and the value added is huge.

Placemat Games: Two games on a giant placemat. Set these up ready on the table for guests to play on their first evening with you. 

We Provide Games for Holiday Cottages, B&Bs, Campsites & glamping sites all over the uk

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