Hello Lovely Playtesters!

Thanks for being here. 

Overview: Read this first

I’ve designed six games which will be printed on greetings cards. These will be sold in packs of 24 cards (4 of each of the 6 designs). They will be launched on Kickstarter in September. The cards can be used as Christmas cards, but they are not specific to any one celebration – so can be used for anything really. I will be getting them out to people in time to send as Christmas cards, however.

All six games have been inspired by classic board games.

Ideally, I’d love you to test out 2 or 3 of the games. At the moment these are in prototype form. They have had first playtests at home with family but need playtesting more widely. Please note, these are not the final versions of the games (by any means) – they have not gone through the graphic designer (as is probably completely obvious). They will all look far more beautiful in final form.

The reason I’d like you to just playtest 2 or 3 games is because I’d love you to blind-playtest the others when they have been properly designed – and of course, you can only blind-test if you haven’t seen the game before.

I’ve tried to create games that can be played at different player counts – so that people can send cards to people according to their circumstances & the number of people they live with.

Providing Feedback

At this stage, I’m interested in all sorts of feedback including…

  • Clarity of rules or questions arising from the rules
  • Enjoyment of game
  • Whether you think the game works well – if not, why not?
  • Any suggestions or improvements?

You can provide feedback by email to ellie@thedarkimp.com. Please remember to include the name of the game you are feeding back on.

Format of the Greetings Cards

This (short) video explains the final format of the greetings cards…

Guess How

Inspired by Guess Who

A cooperative legacy game for 1-4 players

Note: These weird characters will actually be IMPS – in various colours with different facial expressions.

Enemy Lines

Inspired by Battleships

A strategy game for 2 players

Another Life

Inspired by The Game of Life

A gentle economic game for 2-4 players

Snakes, Ladders & a Pogo Stick

Inspired by Snakes and Ladders (obviously)

A worker-placement race for 3-5 players

In the Drawing Room with the Hatchet

Inspired by Cluedo

A deduction programming game for 3-6 players


Inspired by Twister

A (dexterity-ish) party game for 3-5 players

Note: You can playtest this game with 2 players, but the scoring for half of the tasks won’t work as it relies on voting. The voting scoring system is very simple and is fine, I think. So you can test out the rest of the game without being properly able to score.