Lingo Land (Print & Play)


Age 8+  | 15-20 minutes  |  1+ players*

The King of Lingo Land sets all visitors a task and only the highest performers are admitted. You’re under pressure and you need to impress. Five complete words must be created to secure your entry. The longer the word, the more you’ll score and topical words are even better. But beware, gobbledygook will get you nowhere!

This is a digital download of the game Lingo Land. If you’d prefer a physical copy of the game, you can get one here.

*As a solo player, see how many points you can get and try to beat your previous scores. There’ no upper limit for the player count in this game.

Before you play, as a group choose a category (e.g., the ocean, food & drink or board games) and write it down. Play is simultaneous. Each player chooses how to use the two dice on their own scoresheet.

One die shows the box a letter must be chosen from and the other die shows the line that letter must be written on. Each player writes their chosen letter anywhere on the selected line. Players may choose any letter from the box. Each letter can be used an unlimited number of times. Sixes are wild and can be used instead of any other number. Cross off a 'Pass' box if you choose not to place a letter.

Each player is allowed a maximum of three passes. After your third pass, you must withdraw from the game. Other players may continue until they have used all their passes. When the last player has finished, the game ends.

Your aim is to make a complete word on each line. You score points according to the length of the word, as shown on the scoresheet. If your word is relevant to the chosen category score two extra points.

To play, you’ll need to print a scoresheet for each player. You’ll receive the file in black and white, for easy printing. You may like to laminate your scoresheets and use dry erase pens to play. This will reduce your need to print new sheets out.

All the instructions for Lingo Land are in the rules sheet, which will be sent with the scoresheets as a download.  You'll also need 2 dice and a pen for each player. To play, you write directly onto the scoresheet.

Any number of players can play the game. Lingo Land is also ideal for playing online via videoconferencing.

To play, you need two regular six-sided dice. If you don’t have any to hand you can just ask Google to roll some for you.


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