I had another 5-minute hack in Fabulous Magazine, which comes with The Sun on Sunday, this week. The 5-minute hack appears at the bottom of the agony aunt page. My first hack, back in August, was on “How to get your teens off screens and playing board games”. This latest article was less game-related, “How to get your teenager to talk to you”. But don’t worry, I managed to get board gaming into the tip! 

But there was an even more exciting day this week. The first Dark Imp game arrived from the printers. Gnome Grown looks absolutely beautiful. I’m so pleased with quality of the components and the look of the whole thing. I shed a little tear when I put the sleeve on the box. I can’t wait for the first BuzzleBoxes to go out so that families can start to play the game. Get your BuzzleBox here.

This is quite a short update as this is Essen week!! From Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th October the biggest annual board game convention in the world – The Spiel – is taking place in Essen, Germany. It’s four days of game playing (and game buying). The crowds are crazy, but the games are good. I’ll post an event report in next week’s update. Watch this space!