A new company is offering parents an amazing Christmas present: they can have their children back.

Ellie Dix, the woman behind BuzzleBox – a box containing games and puzzles – says: “Our aim is to help parents to get their own children back.

“We really can help persuade children to put down their mobile phones and tablets. We use a new generation of board games which we know engage older children and teenagers, giving them the buzz they get from on-line activities. So parents can reclaim family time by playing board games with their children.”

Ellie has set up Dark Imp, a board game publishing company. And the beautifully designed BuzzleBox is their next big thing.


Each BuzzleBox contains:

  • An original Dark Imp board game
  • A smaller, portable, original Dark Imp game
  • A series of puzzles
  • Some ‘game cards’ – introducing games you can play with cards, dice and dominoes
  • A coaster game – a game on a coaster!

“Many parents are concerned about how much time their children spend online and looking at screens. And we know that the benefits of playing board games as a family are huge,” says Ellie, who lives in Hertfordshire, and whose book – The Board Game Family: Reclaim your children from the screen – was published in July.

“But we also know many young people think they’ll be bored by board games, so we are designing and producing a new generation of games and puzzles that really capture their interest.

“Board games spark conversation and give us shared experiences and memories. Playing board games brings us closer together, strengthening family relationships and improving our consideration and respect of others.”

The BuzzleBox is available to buy from The Dark Imp website: https://www.thedarkimp.com/the-box/


for further interviews/information on:

  • How parents can persuade their teenagers to play board games with them
  • The benefits of playing board games as a family
  • How to manage behaviour at the board game table
  • Board gaming as an inclusive activity


High resolution photos available on request.


Ellie has been obsessed with board games from an early age. Not only playing them, but tweaking the rules for fun and designing her own. She firmly believes that board games have positively influenced her ability to interact with others, manage failure, work creatively with available resources, experiment with multiple paths to success, solve interesting problems, adapt to changing situations and make decisions quickly.

A teacher and educationalist, Ellie was previously owner and Director of Pivotal Education, the UK’s largest team of school behaviour specialists. Pivotal has helped thousands of teachers transform their classrooms and improve outcomes for learners.

A mother of two teenage boys, Ellie is now putting all her understanding of behaviour, experience with gamification, teaching skills and game-playing history to use, by helping other parents to introduce board games to family life. She believes they are a sure-fire antidote to unhealthy online distractions, and a means to a happier, more social family unit.