In Eight Games different board gamers share the eight games they’d select in eight different situations. The games are not explained, but the links are given to Board Game Geek listings for you to find out more. 

This month Rowan Richards, student, book lover and Game Master chooses her eight games. Rowan is the daughter of James Richards, who shared his eight games in September. It’s great to hear from different members of the same Board Game Family.

Rowan Richards

1: A game to take to granny’s house:
Let’s all go to the bear zoo with granny!

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This amazing spatial awareness game is great for all ages. Construct enclosures, restaurants and rivers to build the best Bear Zoo in all the world by buying and placing interlocking tetris-style pieces on your own gridded park area. Score more points by planning ahead and slotting in more awkward shaped pieces, and do it quickly, or granny will snach up all the high-scorers first! There’s very little to remember and keep track of in this quick little game, so perfect for a bit of fun with minimal confusion and maximum enjoyment for all!

2: A game to take to a restaurant:
Though technically an app, not a board game (!)


Although this is an app and not a tabletop game, it doesn’t have the isolating effect that phones usually do. It’s free to download, (which is great, as everyone needs it on their phones) but there are paid versions that include other mini-games and features. Enter everyone’s names, and the app will generate questions about the group(eg, If Mark was an amusement park ride, what would he be? If Emily made a perfume, what would it smell like?). Everyone answers individually, then anonymously votes for the best/funniest answer. It’s an amazing ice breaker for new groups, or a great game for old friends, and perfect for a restaurant as it only needs your phone!

3: A game to take to a reunion:
Take revenge on former friends with devastating spells.

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards
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Fast paced and epic; build bizarre spells out of your hand of cards to battle your opponents in this most ass-kicking and crazy spell war ever! Balance

your three spell components -source, quality and delivery- to deal huge amounts of damage with the aim being awarded the title of last wizard standing.However, don’t forget to read your spell in an ‘epic’ way, or you’ll be penalised!

4: A game to take to a primary school:
A more high-tech version of ‘one word stories’

Rory’s Story Cubes
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Roll the dice and use the images to craft imaginative and funny stories. These tales can be as simple or as complex as you like and are great for promoting creativity and writing. There are so many versions on offer with different pictures and themes, and there are infinite ways to play to suit your needs. I’ve played this at all book groups I’ve worked at/ been in, and it’s never failed to engage the kids (and adults). Highly recommend! (bonus- you can even print our your own cube template on card and custom design a unique set for free!)

5: A game to take to a youth club:
Bond over a shared despair of humanity

Cards Against Humanity
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Warning, this rude little card game is not for the faint hearted, but a staple of any party or youth group, as long as you don’t mind a bit of crudity. Draw black cards and fill in the blanks with phrases and words from your own hand of white cards to create the funniest, most shocking or downright despicable sentence yet. With loads of expansion packs, this game can be played over and over to determine once and for all who the worst of all humanity.

6: A game to take to a job interview:
A co-op game that’s easy to learn and fun to play 

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This classic cooperative game will show off your management skills and quick thinking, without sending your future boss to sleep. Work together and pool unique skills to fight encroaching viruses that threaten the very world. What better way is there to impress your boss than by saving

humanity itself? Either you all win, or the world dies…but always fun whatever the outcome!

7: A game to take to a hospital:
Build (and knock down) adorable towers

Rhino Hero
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A hilarious dexterity game perfect for a few minutes fun, however a flat surface and being able to stand is required. Construct a tower-block for adorable animal friends by stacking walls and ceilings until someone slips up and it all comes tumbling down- jengastyle. Pass around the ‘super rhino’ and place him on different levels whilst avoiding knocking the tower down. Tense and fun, and a perfect little game!

8: A game to take to a cabin in the woods:
Chad… I think I hear something moving outside…

Betrayal at House on the Hill
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Cluedomeets Carcassonnemeets Eldritch Horror. Live your horror movie dream (or nightmare) as you move through a creepy old house, revealing rooms as you go, collecting items, events and omens. Too many omens however will trigger ‘The Haunting’, wherein the traitor will be revealed and separate, secret rule books produced. What started as a co-op then becomes a 3 v 1, as the players try to prevent the traitor from summoning whatever demon, monster or eldritch nightmare they just so happen to be worshiping. What’s super cool about this game is that no-one (including the traitor) knows who the betrayer is at the beginning of the game. The traitor and scenario are dependant on the room and omen that trigger the haunting, making it completely random, so replayability and variety are endless. Seriously recommend, but not if your playing in an isolated house by a graveyard in the dead of night…

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