A board game on a placemat

A new roll and write game designed to be played while you eat, has had three full days of iterations and playtesting this week. This stranded-on-a-desert-island themed board game on a placemat needs only two dice, but the choices are endless. Each player has their own island. The choices they make affect that player alone. The dice throws relate to coordinates on the island map. Players may choose to chop down trees for wood, build structures, plant new trees, cast nets, pillage shipwrecks or even send a message in a bottle.

Each type of building scores in a different way, so there are multiple strategies and paths to victory. As a multi-player solitaire game, I’ve been able to test most things (other than game length) as a solo player. But I did squeeze one game in – with my ever-enthusiastic mum. We’re going away for Christmas this year and this game is on the packing list, so it should get playtests at higher player-counts very soon.

Card-laying cracker game

The last of the six Christmas cracker games has also had some table-time this week. This is a game about laying down cards so that strings of different Christmas lights (currently just coloured lines) match up – both in position and colour. Each player chooses which string to place her imp on. Then when she wishes to, she may score the string and move her imp to a different position.  But whenever the imp is scored and moved, the player may not also place a new card. Each player is aiming to get rid of all her cards as any cards in hand at the end of the game will score negative points. Early solo playtests of this game have been very promising. Now it needs to go in front of the family for the next stages.

A gift fair

Finally, The Dark Imp had a stall at the West Wycombe Christmas Gift Fair this week. It was lovely to meet so many local families and show off the BuzzleBox. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that Gnome Grown and Don’t Count Your Chickens will be gracing tables this Christmas. To all of you who’ve picked up games at recent events – do share pictures of your games sessions this Christmas. We want to know the scores. Can anyone beat Paul’s Gnome Grown high score of 55?