A Live Show

On Wednesday evening I guested on the “Nick & Andru Show” on the Zatu Games Facebook Page.

The show is based around a board game quiz. I was told not to worry about the quiz and that it would be simple. It wasn’t. I lost. I’ve definitely not played or even seen as many new games this year – with board game conventions cancelled. But as we know, it’s not the winning but the taking part that counts… and the taking part was fun.

Like the page, scroll down the posts and you’ll be able to watch the live show on playback. 

A Hungarian Review

PC Guru, a Hungarian site that reviews video games and board games, has reviewed Doughnut Dash and Top Cake. As you might expect, the review is in Hungarian. While waiting for a better translation, which someone is working on for me, I bring you a clip from Google Translate, which is as brilliant and weird as you might expect.

It’s an infinitely simple but very fun game that has captured you the most with its design world and material quality for the first time. The wooden imps and donuts lined up in the playing area look amazing, and while we don’t squeeze out small tokens with our own hands, the intimate petting with the game doesn’t lag behind this time, after all, donuts can be stickered at any time to not just in terms of colours. The cards are rugged, they also look good with their relatively minimalist design (the turn signals hit amazingly well), while the white embossed box with the cover is also worth a Mass. So you can’t complain about the exterior, while the game itself is a lot of fun, it can easily become a favourite with family / kids.”

In case you missed it…

Every day this week, I’ve posted a new video in my “How I became a board game designer” series. Each short video examines a different experience that has led me to the job I have today. Here are the first 7 parts:

  1. The games we played
  2. The annual primary maths game design challenge
  3. Gamification
  4. Incredible childhood parties
  5. A family of teachers
  6. Turns with Granny
  7. No rigged victories

Coming this week…

  • Sunday at 11am  LIVE YouTube Broadcast: Throw Down Your Coats – a Dark Imp game in development. Join me. Here’s the link!
  • Monday video: A behind the scenes tour of Dark Imp HQ
  • Wednesday time-lapse video: A game sped up!
  • Thursday blog: Good games for travelling
  • Friday video: How to play Ice Cream Truck
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