On 1st December, Dark Imp HQ acquired a new seasonal friend… a visiting elf.  The elf has well and truly made himself at home. He’s got to know all the office characters, learned how to play the games, packed up orders, helped with content creation and sometimes, honestly just got in the way! 

Have a look at his advent journey…

1st Dec: The elf meets the imps

2nd Dec: The elf has found the game shelf

3rd Dec: The elf is making friends with the studio imp

4th Dec: The elf is trying to hide in the Cracker Games as they’re being assembled. Watch out if you’re putting in an order, you may get an unexpected extra!

5th Dec: The elf is ‘helping’ to assemble some BuzzleBoxes

6th Dec: Having already met the imps, the elf had been badgering me for a meeting with the gnome from Gnome Grown.

7th Dec: The elf now believes he is on work experience at Dark Imp HQ and insisted on coming to the Post Office to drop of today’s orders.

8th Dec: Today we’re assembling more games in tins as they’re flying off the shelves. The elf is trying to convince me to create a Christmas elf game next year by proving he can fit in the tin. Erm…

9th Dec: The elf is very pleased with his Dark Imp Christmas card.

10th Dec: The elf is insisting on reading the rules before helping to assemble more copies of Don’t Count Your Chickens!

11th Dec: I’m playing Sleuth Box with the elf. He can handle it as it’s pretty much just pointing at squares. But I think I’m likely to win this one.

12th Dec: The Elf staged a takeover of Dark Imp Games Night

13th Dec:  I left the elf unattended for 5 minutes and he found the stickers. *Sigh*

14th Dec: I’ve been recording videos this morning. Someone else likes to be in the spotlight too!

15th Dec: The elf really likes our groovy orange cushioned envelopes and is now trying to post himself to some unsuspecting Dark Imp customer.

16th Dec: The elf has been bugging me to play Beach Life for days. I’ve finally relented.

17th Dec:The elf has decided to build a whole town out of Mini Town pads. Oh dear.

18th Dec: The elf is very pleased with his impressive though completely illegal cake.

19th Dec: I’m trying to assemble more copies of Doughnut Dash but the elf is playing in the rolls of stickers. At least he hasn’t stuck them all over himself, like the other day.

20th Dec: The elf was surprisingly well behaved today, so I gave him a Dark Imp pin badge as a reward. Butter wouldn’t melt…

21st Dec: Today I’ve been trying to record some segments for my forthcoming show on Teacher Hug Radio. The elf got bored ….*sigh*

22nd Dec: The elf has discovered the dice box and claims it makes an excellent elf bed.

23rd Dec: I’ve been trying to keep them apart, but the elf has finally met the big imps. They are now working on an acrobatic Christmas performance.

24th Dec: The elf is totally over excited and has packed me a stocking of Dark Imp games. He’s going to sleep in it until morning.

Merry Christmas from The Dark Imp

(and the elf)