In Eight Games different board gamers share the eight games they’d select in eight different situations. The links are given to Board Game Geek listings for you to find out more. 

This month Nathan Boster shares his Eight Games. Nathan is a board game fan from across the pond, near Atlanta, Georgia. Before the pandemic-times, he organised the monthly board game night at his office. Now he begs his wife and their seven children to play whenever possible. (His winning streak against the 2-year-old is quite impressive.) He can be found on all the online board game sites as ‘nboster’. 

1: A game to take to granny’s house:
A family friendly afternoon.
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Imagine Scrabble, but with colours and shapes… and you have Qwirkle.

Our family is full of Scrabble fans, but the shorter length (and easier gameplay) of Qwirkle makes it my pick for an afternoon with the grandparents.

2: A game to take to a restaurant:
Play around the drinks and cutlery.
Circle the Wagons
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Circle the Wagons is one of the wallet games from Button Shy Games – just cards in a plastic wallet – and it’s my favourite. 

With only eighteen cards, you and your opponent build competing ‘Wild West’ towns. The situations that trigger bonus points are different every time. It’s quick so you’ll definitely finish the game before the main course arrives.

3: A game to take to a reunion:
Some people you want to chat to, others… not so much.
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Here’s another game I’d rather play than Scrabble, because in Bananagrams, speed is of the essence.

Each player builds their own crossword-type grid using letter tiles, but it’s a race to finish first. And it plays up to 8 players.

4: A game to take to a primary school:
Arm yourself with multiple copies and take over a whole classroom.
Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters
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Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters is cooperative game where kids are walking through a haunted mansion, gathering treasures and getting them outside before the house is overrun with haunts.

The fun components and colourful board and cards will capture your kids’ attention and the cooperative nature of the game means they can help each other to succeed.

5: A game to take to a youth club:
Hook in the next generation of board gamers.
Century Spice Road
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I think Century Spice Road is a wonderful introduction to modern board gaming.

If you’re only familiar with old-fashioned ‘roll and move’ style games, the novel theme of spice trading and the strategy that unfolds from within a simple ruleset, will open your eyes to a whole new world.

6: A game to take to a job interview:
Demonstrate your best qualities and answer questions while you play? (This really should be a thing)
Ricochet Robots
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I just love Ricochet Robots and I love introducing it to new players.

Will I win against my interviewer? Who knows. Will I set it up in a visible place so that others are attracted to a game that can play as many people as can fit around the table? You bet. Will I then charm everyone present with my witty banter? That remains to be seen.

7: A game to take to a hospital:
No brain-power needed.
Trek 12
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Qwixx was of the first ‘roll and write’ games I ever played (not counting the grandfather of them all, Yahtzee).

This game takes up very little space and not a lot of brainpower. But there’s just enough choice there to keep it interesting.

8: A game to take to a cabin in the woods:
You have lots of time and lots of space.
Great Western Trail
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If this cabin in the woods is populated with my gaming friends, I’m bringing Great Western Trail. It’s a fantastic game about moving cattle to Kansas City and selling them for as much money as possible.The game has lots of moving parts that just fit seamlessly with each other.

On the other hand, if the only other inhabitant of this cabin is my lovely bride, then I’d choose Patchwork, because it’s our favourite game, and we never tire of playing it.

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