It’s all about Uranus!

There’s so much news about Uranus! that I thought I should write a special update. On this page you’ll find all the reviews for Uranus that have been pouring in in the last month or so…

Uranus! is currently live on Kickstarter. So please head over to the campaign page to dive into the game and to back the project. 

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Hairy Game Lords

Ricky Royal

One Man and His Meeple

Tabletop Games Blog

“The game offers just enough complexity to get you thinking and it will give the more seasoned strategy game players plenty to keep them occupied, while at the same time not being too complex and allowing people who are new to the hobby to learn about resource management and cooperative play… Uranus! is a lovely game that’s really well produced. It deserves taking a podium place in the Board Game Workshop Design contest.” 

Tabletop Spirit Magazine

“I like games that are different, and Ellie Dix has certainly achieved that with this game. Whilst it bears some resemblance to route building and resource set collection, the main thrust of the game is an abstract puzzle of how you create and amend your set collection groups of rocks… With most of the moves being played simultaneously, the game moves along at a swift pace and downtime is negligible, but I cannot over- emphasise the need to cooperate with each other. The game feels like a race against time.” 

The full review of Uranus! by Simon Neale will be published in mid-March the Spring edition of Tabletop Spirit Magazine.

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Patate Des Tenebres

 “Le jeu est vraiment très bon. Il rappellera de nombreuses références ludiques récentes, mais possède bien son identité propre, avec côté design, de beaux plateaux effaçables, les icônes simples à appréhender, et cette notion de moduler son territoire tout en le voyant évoluer, vivre.”