I present a show on Teacher Hug Radio called The Game School. It’s a show about all sorts of tabletop games and how to use them for teaching and learning.

There’s a new episode every two weeks. Listeners in the UK can tune in live through the Teacher Hug website or through the Teacher Hug App (apple or android). The show is usually on at 6pm on Saturdays and then again at 12pm on Sundays. The show is repeated at different times before and after school during the following week. There’s also a growing selection of episodes available for listeners around the world through Listen Again.

I talk to Kathleen Mercury about prototyping games

James Wallis on using games for social skills

Each episode is an hour long contains discussion on topics related to board games for education, game reviews, games you can play in school tomorrow and interviews with guests from the world of education and board games.

There’s been a parade of truly brilliant guests on the show including Barry Hymer & Peter Wells talking about how to coach chess; Matt Tidbury, designer of the maths game City of Zombies; Dan Ryder, teacher of design thinking; James Wallis, Studio Director at Green Board Games (makers of Brainbox); and Catherine Croft, scientist, teacher and educational game designer. 

On this page, you can find several short clips from the show. If you’ve not listened in yet, please add the live show to your diary, or bookmark the listen again page. 

What we learn from losing games

The highest number challenge

The two-player game Lost Cities

Mick McCarthy on creating RPG characters with learners

How to teach board games

Number Police game

The trading game Haggle

Preview: Mandi Hutchinson on using games with adults in the workplace.

Listen to this episode live at 6pm on Saturday 20th November.