Greetings Card Games Launch on Kickstarter

My 6 games on greetings cards have launched on Kickstarter this week. We hit the (modest) target very quickly and at the time of writing have 50 backers, which is marvellous.

For each game, the game board is the front of the card, with the rules on the reverse. On the back, cut off the component section and flip out the player aid and you’re ready to play! When you’re finished, use the envelope as a game box.

The games are inspired by classic board games, but re-imagined with a hobby gaming lens. Various mechanics, player counts and complexity.

A closer look at the six games:

  • Splinter: A resource management, paper-cutting party game (3-8 players)
  • Enemy Lines: A head-to-head strategy game (2 players)
  • Guess How: A cooperative legacy game (1-4 players)
  • In the Dining Room with the Hatchet: A cut-throat programming game (3-6 players)
  • Snakes, Ladders and a Pogo Stick: A worker placement racing game (3-5 players)
  • Another Life: An economic action selection game (2-4 players)

Guess How

In the Drawing Room with the Hatchet

Greetings Card Games at AireCon

Today I’m heading up to Harrogate for the board game convention AireCon, which starts tomorrow. I’ll be demoing the Greetings Card Games at Stand E12. If you’re attending the convention and would like to play the games, please head my way and say hello. I should warn you though… I may try to kill you with a garden spade (within a gaming context, of course).


What the reviewers say…

The Greetings Card Games have attracted quite a number of previews, which is fabulous. You can see them all below. 

Hairy Game Lords

Gaming with Edo

Tabletop Games Blog

“The cards are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, Christmas and pretty much any other event – or you can just send them to a friend you’ve not been in touch with for a long time and give them a little surprise. There is certainly a wide choice of games and I’ve already started to work out which of my friends and family I will send which game for their birthday this year.

“The Dark Imp is known for creating great games that appeal to the whole family, irrespective of their age or experience with modern board games and Six Greetings Card Games is no different. It’s nice to be able to send your friends a game for a change, rather than adding to your own collection. Mind you, there is no reason why you couldn’t buy two packs and keep one for yourself. I mean… there is nothing stopping you.”


“The crazy thing is that the games are good. Not ‘good for a game on a card’, or ‘good for a game that costs a couple of quid’. Good, good…. Every game has plenty of space to write a heartfelt message, or a joke about someone’s age. Fitting all of this on a card with a board, tokens to play with, and instructions, is nothing short of genius. Ellie has proven, again, that independent game designers and publishers can – and do – come up with very good games, and they deserve your attention. The really crazy thing is that these cards work out to be £3 each… That’s the same price as a normal card in a lot of places. Why would you not give one of these instead?

“If you have a gamer in your life, just get them. It’s as simple as that. They’ll be glad you did.”

Board Game Blitz

Board Game Chap