Here’s a round-up of the Dark Imp news since my last update…

Eat Lunch and Board Game

On his podcast, Eat Lunch and Board Game, Adam Collins reviewed my PnP roll & write game – Restaurantrepreneur.

Here are some quotes from the show:

  • “Everybody loves this game and wants to play it again.”

  • “Restaurantrepreneur is an extremely replayable game.”

  • “This game is a no brainer.”

  • “You cannot go wrong with this fantastic roll & write.”

  • “It plays 1 to infinity players… and you should definitely be one of those infinity players.”

Two Can Play That Game

I was pleased to be a guest on the Two Can Play That Game podcast. We talked about a brilliant Button Shy game called Circle the Wagons. They say:

“There’s gold in these hills! Grab your pickaxe, make sure your bottle of booze is filled up and tune in to see how much we enjoyed building our boomtowns in Circle the Wagons from Button Shy Games! Plus we are joined by designer/teacher/author/much more Ellie Dix, who runs the game company The Dark Imp!”

The Giant Brain: Meeting of Minds

I was interviewed by Iain McAllister, The Giant Brain himself. 

We talked about the place of board games in the classroom and in the family home, getting started in board game design, small format games and the origin of The Dark Imp. I’d love you to have a read!

The Giant Brain: Gnome Grown Review

Iain McAllister also cracked open the BuzzleBox I sent him and wrote a review of Gnome Grown. Here’s an extract: 

“The ladybirds not only are used to pay for spaces on the worker placement side of the game, but also to jostle for position at the start of the round. Here Gnome Grown shows off an excellent trick, which was certainly the first time I had seen this mechanism. Each player has a token showing their position in the round from 1st to 4th. Now going last in a worker placement game is generally not great, but it can give you momentum for the next round. Gnome Grown does this by assigning a value in ladybirds to each token from 1 to 4. At the start of each round, apart from the first, you will bid for position and the person in last starts with 4 ladybirds towards that bid, the person in first only 1. Simple, neat, and effective. My favourite kind of design.”


BoardZ on the Table

If you’re a Portuguese speaker, you may be interested to watch this review of Mini Town. 

I have no idea if it’s positive or not. If you know, please tell me what it says!