In this game, playing cards represent flowers. Flowers start in one of six flowerbeds or within your bouquet. Pick all the flowers from the garden in the right order to win the game.

Flower Garden is a solo patience game.

You will need one standard 52-crd deck of playing cards (no jokers). 


  • Shuffle all the cards.
  • Deal 36 cards in 6 columns of 6. The cards within each column can be placed so they overlap, but leave the top of each card showing, so every card is visible. These columns represent the flowerbeds. 
  • Place the remaining 16 cards in a row underneath the flowerbeds. These cards can also overlap as long as each one is visible. This row represents the bouquet. 

How to play

Cards at the lower open end of each flowerbed and cards within the bouquet are available to play.

Available cards can be played in two different positions:

  1. In one of four foundation piles above the flowerbeds. These piles are built up from Ace in each of four suits. For example, a two of hearts can only be placed on an ace of hearts. Each ace will start a new pile.
  2. On the lower end of one of the flowerbeds. Flowerbeds are built down regardless of suit. For example, any ten may be placed onto the jack of clubs.

    The cards in the bouquet can be placed onto the flowerbeds or directly into the foundation piles.

    Work on getting the aces out first and try not to lose small cards deep within flowerbeds. 


End Game

The game ends when all the cards have been placed from the flowerbeds and bouquet on the foundation piles (a win) or when there are no more legal moves (a loss).