Here’s a new game for you to try… Snakey Path.

It plays in a similar way to the classic game, Boxes, but the object is different. In Snakey Path, your aim is to get the longest path in your colour.

Like Boxes, you start by creating a grid of dots. You can choose the size of grid you make, but in your first game, it’s probably best to keep the grid small – maybe 6 x 6. 

Each player needs a different colour pen. On your turn, draw two lines, each connecting one dot to an (orthogonally) adjacent one. You may draw lines anywhere on the grid, you don’t have to continue a line you’ve already drawn. 

Your aim is to get the longest path. You do this by building up your own path AND by preventing your opponent from building up theirs. 

It’s pretty hard to cut a line off totally, but it’s relatively simple to cut off a section of your opponents line, forcing them to re-route from a previous point. If you’re clever, the lines you draw to cut off your rival can also be used to extend your own line. 

The game ends when all the dots have at least one path connecting. 

I think that, despite its simplicity, Snakey Path is a surprisingly nice little puzzle game. Let me know how you get on.