Beach Life (Print & Play)


Age 8+  | 20-30 minutes  |  1* to 50 players

While building a giant sandcastle, you notice that you are sharing the beach with a variety of sea-dwellers. You discard your bucket and space to give the creatures a helping hand. Get points for helping each animal, most points wins.

This is a digital download of the game Beach Life. If you’d prefer to buy a physical version of this game, you can do so here.

*As a solo player, see how many points you can get and try to beat your previous scores. 


To play, you’ll need to print a sheet for each player. You’ll receive both colour and greyscale versions of the game to download upon purchase. Print whichever version you prefer. You may like to laminate your scoresheets and use dry erase pens to play. This will reduce your need to print new sheets out. NB: Please print the two pages of each scoresheet on two separate pages, not front and back of the same page.

All the instructions for Beach Life are displayed on the scoresheets.  You just need 3 dice and a pen. To play, you write directly onto the placemat.

Any number of players can play the game. Beach Life is also ideal for playing online via videoconferencing.

To play, you need three regular six-sided dice. If you don’t have any to hand you can just ask Google to roll some for you. Click on blue square with the ‘6’ on to add more dice to the roll.


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