Book Review

There’s a new review of The Board Game Family out this week. Anita Cleare from Thinking Parenting has reviewed the book. She says, “Ellie Dix presents some powerful arguments on how much kids have to gain from being part of game-playing family. There are the skills that will help them at school, like mental maths, probability, logic, concentration and critical thinking. Plus skills that will help them in life, such as turn-taking and learning to lose. Ellie outlines the benefits of board games for family dynamics (such as increased co-operation and learning to negotiate). And how to manage competitiveness so it doesn’t spoil the fun. She also makes a powerful case for how board games can contribute to memory making and family bonding if we weave them into treasured family rituals. Seriously, she had me heading to my local toy shop within the first chapter!” Read the whole review here.

Book Signing

Today I’ve been doing an author signing of The Board Game Family: Reclaim your children from the screen at Castle Bookshop in Ludlow. It is the weekend of the Ludlow Medieval Fayre and the town is bustling with jesters, blacksmiths and jousters. Fortunately some visitors found their way into the bookshop!  So I was able to speak to lots of people about the book and the games. I had a great response with several people buying multiple copies for Christmas presents. Lots of interest in the BuzzleBox as well with quite a few being snapped up for local families.

Social Media Buzz

Social media has also been a buzzing with great comments about the book and the BuzzleBox.

Here’s a tweet about the Board Game Family from Adriana Serban.

She says: “A fantastic book that encourages us all (parents and kids) to develop family quality time through games that boosts confidence, improves memory, refines problem solving and builds family cohesion.”

The Brick Castle has posted about the BuzzleBox on Instagram. 

They say: “This is the brand new BuzzleBox….and it is just amazing, it’s so beautiful… The first box has a Garden theme and there are loads of mini games and puzzles included, plus 2 full sized games – Don’t Count Your Chickens, in a tin with little wooden counters and Gnome Grown board game with lots of wooden parts including tiny tiny ladybirds. I’ll do a review as soon as I get a chance but it’s available now and a really beautiful and exciting gift for any family :)”