A Christmas Market

Last night The Dark Imp had a stall at “Christmas in Chesham“. I do love a Christmas Market! Fuelled by mulled wine (medicinal – it was SO cold), we were excited to meet so many people from the local community. We missed the grand ‘switch on’ as we were too busy chatting, but fortunately we had our own Christmas lights adorning our stand, so it didn’t matter. We sold plenty of board games and BuzzleBoxes, with lots of people signing up to the mailing list to be among the first to hear of new game releases. After many hours of standing in the cold, we were so relieved that we’d practiced putting the stall up and down at home. At the end of the night we were packed and away within 20 minutes heading for blankets and warm baths!

A Book Signing

On Sunday I spent the morning at The Children’s Bookshelf in Hereford. It’s a huge children’s bookshop with two event rooms upstairs. I set up my table of delights within the very popular £2 books section. It was lovely to meet families who come in regularly and are very focused on creating opportunities for unplugged activities. Despite the relative quiet, customers were still buying books and games. I was also able to have a long chat to the Duncan, the bookshop owner about possible future events. Watch this space!

And Finally… More Man-Eating Worms

Version 2 of Worm Attack hit the table this week, delighting my mother who loved the theme and revelled in gobbling up all manner of harmless creatures. The different levels of prey are now much better balanced. It is no longer possible for a worm to get stuck and not be able to eat anything. The spikes that the village construct to protect themselves against the deadly worms are now much better distributed and organised. It is really hard to remember what colour cards you’ve eaten and this is vital to optimising scoring, but I’m embracing that. My brain needs a good work-out every now and then.