Book Signing

The Little Bookshop in Cookham hosted a book signing last weekend. It was lovely to see copies of The Board Game Family in the window and in their own display inside.

The bookshop is everything you’d like a bookshop to be. Welcoming, cosy and stacked with good books. There’s even a lounge area upstairs for browsers.

I was fortunate to meet lots of local families, who were coming in for Christmas books and presents and keeping my signing hand busy!

Contract Killings

I’m working on a new bluffing game about mobsters competing for contract killings. Mobsters build up their skills in five areas – marksmanship, pursuit, stealth, disguise and network – through “Easy Pickings” cards – small-time criminal jobs.

On a player’s turn she may also attempt to win a contract for killing someone that the mob has turned against. She may choose a player to be pitted against, each revealing her relevant skills only to the other. The one who is most skilled wins the job. The other stands down, as is right and proper according to the mobsters code.

This is a game of managing hidden information and bluffing to fool others about your strengths. The more dangerous the hit, the more your reputation increases. The first set of cards is ready. Now for some playtesting.