This week, Metro Newspaper featured a full page profile on me as part of their Tips from the Top series. I was representing the board game design profession. During the interview I was asked for tips of the trade, how to break into the board game design world, how I got started, where inspiration strikes, high points and low points. 

The article appeared in Monday’s print version, but if you missed it, you can also read it online

Family Card Games Guest Blog

I was pleased to be asked to write a guest blog for Thinking Parenting. Thinking Parenting is run by Anita Cleare, a parenting expert, speaker, coach and author of the new book, The Work / Parent Switch.

In the blog I provide suggestions for card games for families with children of all ages. The games are split into age groups they are appropriate for. I’ve included some lesser known gems as well as some old favourites. 

Do have a read, try out some of the games and let me know what you think. Here’s the article.

Home Photoshoot

Using my trusty lightbox, I’ve managed to do a home photoshoot of the new Dark Imp games – Doughnut Dash and Top Cake. Now you can get a better look at the games. 

Check out those cakes and doughnuts!

Building a restaurant from scratch

My new game, Restaurantrepreneur has had its first proper playtests this week. In the game, players are entrepreneurs getting ready to open their first cafe restaurant. This is a simultaneous play, roll and write game that requires 3 dice. 

There are five mini-games each representing an area that needs developing: The Menu, The Staff, The Location, The Fixtures and Fittings and The Marketing. Every turn each player chooses one of the three dice to determine which mini-game she is playing, one die to determine the number used within that game and the last die to withdraw money to fund the development from the bank. 

Following a number of individual playtests in which the game progressed through several iterations, the game has been tested with the family and then at the online Playtest UK group. Some tweaking to one mini-game in particular is needed, but it is playing quite nicely!

Don’t forget

  1. Every Tuesday at 4pm during school closures we are running online board game sessions for families.  Register here (it’s free).
  2. We’ve created a page of board game resources for families in isolation, so do have a look… you might find something useful.

In case you missed it…

On Monday, we released a new video about our 2 New Placemat Games. Have a watch to get a flavour of Beach Life and Castaway and find out why you might want to play them during lockdown!

On Thursday, we published a new blog about Board Games You Can Play via Videoconferencing, which should be useful to those looking for ways to stay connected to friends and family.


Coming this week…

New video: Doughnut Dash and Top Cake
New blog: The Numbers Game.