Board Game Barrage Podcast

Doughnut Dash was the first game talked about on this week’s Board Game Barrage Podcast. Board Game Barrage is a well-known and very popular board gaming podcast based in the US. This week, their guest was Richard Simpson from We’re Not Wizards. Richard reviewed Doughnut Dash on his blog last week and obviously liked the game enough to choose it as his game to talk about on this podcast. Marvellous!  

Richard talked about Doughnut Dash for around 10 minutes, but here’s a 1 minute clip as a taster!

A BuzzleBox Review from Cards or Die

I was really excited when Ann Jones from Cards or Die agreed to review the BuzzleBox. Ann has three children – aged 15, 13 and 12 – so has the perfect family audience within which to try the games. Here’s a quote:

“We really enjoyed ours and the hours of entertainment we have had from it so far make it excellent value. There are loads of reasons to treat the family to a Buzzlebox or it would make a great gift for another family. For us it will the perfect addition next time we are going on holiday. We always take games with us and having tried one of the boxes I would be confident taking this pack of new games as a holiday treat. We usually go camping in the UK so it will be perfect for that ‘occasional’ rainy day!”

A BuzzleBox Review from Tom Heath

BuzzleBox 2 has had a great review from Tom Heath, who is Slickerdrips on YouTube. Tom takes us through every element in the box, explaining what each thing is and giving his opinion on each. 

Here’s few quotes:

  • “There’s a ton of variety in this and most of all… inventiveness.”
  • “Doughnut Dash is a fantastic introduction to programming games.”
  • “This would be a fantastic collection to be getting everyone together with [in a family].”

Oooh look! Stickers!

An exciting package dropped through the door this week… new Dark Imp stickers!!

On the stickers, there are 8 different imps in different colours. When you place an order in our online shop, you’re going to find a few of these little imps on the packaging. Aren’t they cute?

In case you missed it…

Coming this week…

  • New Video: The benefits of playing board games for parents, teachers and children
  • New Time-Lapse Video: The Dark Imp plays a game… really fast.
  • New How To Play Video: How to play… Treasure Split
  • New Blog: Alfie reviews… a board game