The Board Game Design Workshop 2020 Contest

I’m thrilled to be a semi-finalist in the 2020 Board Game Design Workshop Contest with my game Uranus! The top 20 games from round 1 have gone through to the semis (Uranus! was placed in 10th position). These are the full round 1 ranks. Over the next month, I’ll be working on my semi-final submission. This stage of the competition requires the full rule book and a 15 minute ‘How to Play’ video. Each designer has been paired up with a coach, who will support them with the submission. I’m pretty excited about the coaching!

A bit about Uranus!

Catastrophic asteroid attacks are threatening your moon, and those of your neighbours. In this cooperative ‘write and erase’ network builder, you must optimise the ever-changing landscape of your individual moon and exploit its resources, before the moon is destroyed. Use your asymmetric powers to help your closest allies, for all races must make the journey to Uranus to be saved.

If you’ve not yet seen it, watch the game overview submitted to Round 1.

Board, Deck and Dice review BuzzleBox 2

BuzzleBox 2: Doughnuts & Cake has had another brilliant review this week. Nick Welford from Board, Deck and Dice roped his son in to do the review with him. It was great to get a family perspective. 

They said, “We have been absolutely blown away with this package.” 

Marvellous. Watch the review!

Christmas Cracker Kickstarter

For the month of September we will be running a campaign on Kickstarter to launch The Dark Imp Cracker Games; The Imp Box! You can now register for launch notifications. Here are the highlights…


SIX GAMES: Each cracker-shaped box contains six different games for 2-6 players using the same components.
QUICK AND LIGHT: The games are quick and light. They are designed to be played at Christmas and are easy to fit around the turkey and trimmings. With the rules to each game on a single sheet, you’ll be playing in just a few minutes.
REUSABLE: Unlike normal crackers, the Dark Imp cracker box is not single-use. You can play the games as many times as you wish. The cracker box has a twist-end structure, so you can open and re-close it. This is the cracker that keeps giving!
PLASTIC FREE: The Cracker Games are eco-friendly and completely plastic free. The cracker box contains a set of cards, six cardboard screens, six paper rule sheets and a load of wooden components in a canvas bag.
MULTI-GENERATIONAL: The Cracker Games are designed using simple (but interesting) concepts for multi-generational play. Games are suitable for ages 8+.
ATTRACTIVE: The Cracker Games look beautifully festive. A delightful addition to any Christmas table.

In case you missed it…

Coming this week…

  • Monday video: Sleuth Box – an activity for Maths lessons.
  • Wednesday time-lapse video: A game sped up!
  • Thursday blog: A game or puzzle to play at home.
  • Friday video: How to play Letter Market
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