Gift Guides

Dark Imp games are featuring in loads of Christmas gift guides. Several have already been published, but there are loads more to follow. 

Kickstarter News

The Cracker Games have now been sent out to Kickstarter backers. Thanks to everyone who got involved. These games are now available to purchase through the online shop, if you missed the campaign. 

I’m really pleased with how our first ever Kickstarter went: five times over target and early fulfilment. I also learned lots about the process, which will help for the next Kickstarter. Speaking of which… 

In February 2021 we’ll be launching a Kickstarter to fund production of Uranus! This game is currently in the finals of The Board Game Workshop annual design contest. It’s a cooperative game for 3-6 players. Develop your race, protect your infrastructure and journey to Uranus before your moon explodes. A life or death alien space race. You can sign up for campaign notifications now.

Guest Appearance on Non-Contact Time Podcast

I was really pleased to be invited to guest on the Non-Contact Time Podcast. It’s a podcast for people interested in all aspects of teaching. Each week the hosts, Kath and Hannah, discuss articles in the news, teaching and learning strategies, funny stories about students and promoting the efforts of some of the UK’s best teachers.

In this episode, I share my views on the importance of board games to improve outcomes and structure social environments for students.

A Spanish Review

The Spanish board gaming site, Que Juegos de Mesa, has featured a review of the Coaster Games.

It’s a lovely review, and very in depth. They look at each of the six games in detail. So if you’re a Spanish speaker (or maybe if you fancy a challenge), take a look at this great review.

Website Makeover

And finally… A fabulous photoshoot with Andrea MacLeod of A+Photography has resulted in the website getting a mini-makeover. Do have a look around the site to see the great new images of the products, families playing the games and… me!