New Radio Station… New Show

On 30th January a new radio station is launching. Teacher Hug Radio is aimed at teachers. It’s strap-line is ‘The soundtrack to your teaching career.”

From 14th February I’ll have my own show on Teacher Hug Radio. The Game School is a show about all sorts of games and how to use them for teaching and learning. In every show I interview a guest who has an interesting perspective on games in a learning environment, answer a question from the mailbag, do a quick review and share a game that teachers can play in school tomorrow. 

I’d love you to tune into Teacher Hug Radio, which launches at 8am on 30th January and set a reminder for the first episode of The Games School at 4pm on Sunday 14th February. 

Preparing for Christmas 2021

It’s always Christmas at Dark Imp HQ. Whatever time of year it is, I’m either designing, developing, manufacturing, promoting or selling a Christmas offering. January to March is prime design time and right now I’m working on The Dark Imp’s project for Christmas 2021. 

This Christmas you’ll be able to buy The Dark Imp’s 12 Games of Christmas!  Every day for 12 days you’ll open an envelope. Each envelope will contain a game component and the rules for a new game which will combine components you’ve already got and the ones you’ve just received.

Six of the twelve games are at various stages of development. The other six are just tiny seeds floating in my mind. So far we have… 

  • “Snakes, ladders and a reindeer” – a worker-placement race game. 
  • A pick up and deliver game about fulfilling Christmas wish lists
  • “The Sieve Game” – a flip and write where you’re trying to fit as many presents into Santa’s sack as possible
  • A tile-placement game about scoring pathways
  • A team-based speed tile-placement game about connecting terrains for different scoring objectives
  • A set collection game with limited available actions

The Twelve Games of Christmas will be coming to Kickstarter in September 2021.