Accreditation from the Good Toy Guide 

Both the games we submitted to the Good Toy Guide were approved and accredited… which is fabulous! We can now proudly display the badge of approval on the Cracker Games and Coaster Games.

Here’s what the experts said about the games:


Cracker Games

A set of games that come in a neat cracker box, these provide quick and easy bursts of fun for the family to compete and enjoy together. The variety of games included is good and we like that they can be played again and again as there are different outcomes each time. The children liked that you could scan the instructions and watch a video on how to play rather than reading. 

Some of the games were more straightforward to understand than others, but with help from an adult, the children soon got the hang of how to play. The Impatient game was particularly popular as it challenged players to be tactical with their moves, which takes planning and strategic thinking. The children enjoyed being able to play on equal levels with the adults and it was particularly popular as an after dinner family activity. This is ideal for making the most of that screen-free, family bonding time. 

Coaster Games

This compact selection of games are fast-paced and varied, making them ideal for travel or post-dinner family time. The games offer a fun way to encourage numeracy, communication and observation skills. 

For example, in the Ice Cream Truck game, children are encouraged to use mental maths in a practical way to run their ice cream business! We like that children can improve over time as they develop their strategic thinking skills. The QR code makes video instructions easy to access and with a little adult direction, the children got the hang of the games quickly. 

Eat Lunch and Board Game

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Adam Collins on his podcast – Eat Lunch and Board Game.  

He asked me about my go-to 30-minute and 60-minute games, probed me about my favourite hidden gem game and grilled me about why I don’t play board games at lunch (I play board games most other times!)

It’s a fab conversation and I’d love you to have a listen

Imagination Gaming Showcase

Thank you to Imagination Gaming – who have uploaded a profile of The Dark Imp on their website.

The profile covers:

  • The background of the company
  • The inspiration behind game creation
  • What’s coming up in the future