Global Presence Ambassador

I’m thrilled to have been designated as a Global Presence Ambassador for the UK. 
Global Presence Ambassador is an honorary designation awarded by Parenting 2.0 to passionate life skills pioneers around the world. Parenting 2.0 is a non-profit US organisation championing proactive, professional education for life skills. 
I’ve been recognised for my work in developing emotional literacy through board games – which is wonderful. 

Online Children’s Book Festival

Earlier this month, I took part in the Independent Thinking Online Children’s Book Festival. I was one of over 40 authors that took part in this special event. I talked about the benefits of playing board games at home and read an extract of The Board Game Family.

Independent Thinking say: “Post-lockdown, it is even more vital to help children develop their reading skills – and that all-important love of reading. So, we felt that bringing these wonderful authors together and giving each one 20 minutes to share their book, read a short extract and explain what drove them to write would be a really useful and enjoyable thing to do.  So that’s what we did.  What emerged was a unique CPD resource covering topics from behaviour to dyslexia, nutrition to activism, diversity to inclusion, bereavement to happiness, trauma awareness to attachment theory, well-being, positivity and the environment and so much more.”


Interview for Wyrd Science

I’ve been interviewed by Wyrd Science for the second issue of their magazine. Wyrd Science is “a celebration of roleplaying games, wargames, board games and the culture that surrounds them.”  

I was interviewed by Ellen Knight about my experience as a woman in the tabletop games industry. 

Issue 2 has been funded through Kickstarter. You can see the campaign here.

Uranus made the Top Ten!

Something unexpected and excited occurred earlier this week… Liege of Games put out their Top Ten Kickstarters from the first half of 2021 and Uranus made the list! 

They love the fact that this is a cooperative game with simultaneous play. It’s great that the word is spreading about the game.

Uranus should be shipped out to backers in the next week or so (if the wooden components are released from the port, where they are currently being held – grrrr).


Talking Manufacturing on the Cliff Notes Podcast

Recently I was interviewed by Tristan Bailey for Cliff Notes podcast. They say: “We speak to people who work hard around the shop floor to share the cliff notes on what helped their companies and careers build great products and reach new heights.”

We talked about board games, branding, crowdfunding and manufacturing components of games in different countries. I’d love you to have a listen.

The Grumpy Olive Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Grumpy Olive put out a blog about seven gift ideas for Father’s Day, and… the Coaster Games were featured!

She said, “I can’t deny light to the amazing designs and packaging Ellie creates, so check them out!”

There was lots of love for the Coaster Games in the comments too. Fabulous!