WORKjoy Podcast

I had a great time being interviewed by Beth Stallwood for her show – the WORKjoy podcast. In each episode, Beth chats with people from different walks of life to share their professional perspective, personal advice and top tips on how to create and cultivate more joy at work and in life. Personally I feel very privileged to have a joyful work life. I’m fortunate to have a totally autonomous creative job that suits me really well. 

In this episode we talk about the joy of games and how to bring a gamify work. I’d love you to have a listen.

The Strategist

I was delighted to be asked to contribute to an article in The Strategist, “The Best Family Board Games, Recommended by Experts”. It gave me an opportunity to talk, (for quite a while!), about some of my favourite games and why I recommend them for families. It was hard to pick my top three, but eventually I went for Tokyo Highway, Tsuro and MicroMacro: Crime City. Of course, my top picks are constantly changing, but you can’t go far wrong with these.

Have a look at the article and the terrific games it mentions. 


It’s always lovely when an email drops in telling you that one of your games has been recommended in an article… and that’s what happened with You-Well. In this post, they’ve selected just four games that they recommend for families and The Dark Imp’s Christmas Bundles have been recommended as ‘Best for Fussy Families’. I expect that’s because there’s so much variety in them, that there’s bound to be a game to suit everyone 🙂

Porch: Family Game Recommendations

Gnome Grown has featured in an article on the Porch site, “Board game mania for classic fun at home”.  The game has featured in the ‘family games’ section alongside some classic titles.

Have you played any of these?

PuzzleNation’s Holiday Gift Guide

For the second year in a row, Dark Imp games have made it into the PuzzleNation Holiday Gift Guide. This year, the Coaster Games and the Cracker Games both get a mention.

There are some fabulous gifts here for nerdy puzzle-fans. I want everything.