Board Game Gumbo Review

BuzzleBox 2: Doughnuts & Cake has had a lovely new review from the American site – Board Game Gumbo.

Here are some quotes:

  • “I’m trying to make this review sound like the kids were excited about opening all of this stuff up, and sure, they were. But, truth be told, even as an adult, opening up the box was a treat.”
  • “Each of the games were well packed and presented with well done rule sets, beautiful box covers, and lots and lots of artwork and brightly colored pieces. Clearly, the folks at The Dark Imp love board games and want that first experience with school or family gamers to be memorable.”
  • “The Dark Imp — to no surprise — includes a great rule set in the box AND tons of help on the website, like this helpful how to play video. Really, the BuzzleBox is the complete package in terms of marketing, production and support. Kudos.”
  • “Compared to the oh-so-boring educational games I played in our TaG program back in elementary school, the games in the BuzzleBox have modern mechanics, bright beautiful graphics, excellent production and an obvious care in packaging to heighten the excitement and enjoyability.”

A Free Magazine with Free Games

Tabletop Gaming Magazine has launched a free summer holidays edition of the magazine. It’s packed with free games, including Mini Town from your own Dark Imp and an article that I’ve written for a previous edition: “Don’t dumb down your game for families”. 

This summer special is available as a download only – so you can get your hands on it immediately!

4.5 Stars!

Richard Simpson’s review of Doughnut Dash can now be found on the There Will Be Games site. It’s been given 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is pretty great. 

Another Hungarian Review

Our friends at PC Guru have published another review of Dark Imp games. This time they’ve looked at Don’t Count Your Chickens and Gnome Grown.

If you happen to be able to read Hungarian… do have a read!

In case you missed it…

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  • Friday video: How to play Newmarket

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