Christmas is nearly upon us! But don’t panic if you’re yet to tackle the Christmas shopping. The Dark Imp has you covered. Here’s our gift guide!

To send out with Christmas cards:

120 Coaster Games (£24.99 + p&p)

Each coaster contains a complete game. There are six different coaster games to choose from – so you can pick the right game for each person. 2+ players. 5-20 mins. Age 8+
Also available in little packs of 6 Coaster Games.

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide.

To play while lounging on the sofa:

Placemat Games (£11.99 + p&p)

Each player uses the same dice rolls on their own placemat. Play with any number of players, some can even connect via zoom. 1+ players. 20 mins. Age 8+

To play at Christmas lunch:

Cracker Games (£19.99 + p&p) 

Six games in a giant cracker – designed to be played while scoffing turkey and trimmings. All these games are easy to learn and quick to play. 2-6 players. 5-20 mins. Age 6+

Recommended by the Good Toy Guide.

For stocking fillers:

4 Notepad Games (£19.99 + p&p)

Four different ‘roll & write’ games in notepads. Play on your own or with any number of players. Roll the dice and make your choices. 1+ players. 15-20 mins. Age 8+

For the maths & logic fan:

Don’t Count Your Chickens (£14.99 + p&p) 

A deduction game with a different set up every time. Work out which birds are most valuable while amassing your flock. 2-4 players. 20–30 mins. Age 8+

For the sneaky cake-lover:

Top Cake (£14.99 + p&p)

A bidding game where being able to read minds is a big advantage. Outfox your competitors by swiping layers of cake from under their noses. 2-4 players. 20-30 mins. Age 8+

For the super speedy de-coder:

Countdown Confusion (£14.99 + p&p)

A speed card drafting game that’s designed to be deliberately confusing. Be warned… children are usually better at this than adults! 2-4 players. 20-30 mins. Age 8+

For the green-fingered tile-lover:

Gnome Grown (£34.99 + p&p)

An action selection game in which you build your own garden to meet your own objectives. Use ladybirds to bid for turn order and gain an advantage. 2-4 players. 30-45 mins. Age 8+

For the criminal doughnut lover:

Doughnut Dash (£34.99 + p&p) 

Steal doughnuts from a doughnut factory and from other doughnut thieves. There are lots of doughnuts. Can get messy! 2-4 players. 30-45 mins. Age 8+

Winner of the Best Imagination Gaming Game of the Year (B.I.G.G.Y.) 2021

For the team-playing super-geek game hobbyist:

Uranus! (34.99 + p&p)

A cooperative, simultaneous action, network building game in which all players are rulers of alien races under attack from asteroids. Escape to Uranus before the moons explode. 60-90 mins. 1-6 players. Age 10+

2021 Rainbow Awards Runner Up in the Games and Puzzles for 11+ category.

For last minute panics:

Downloadable Print & Play Games (from £1.99)

Download, print & play. You can even ask Google to roll dice for you if you can’t find any. The perfect last minute present. 1+ players. Age 8+

For everyone:

Christmas Bundles (from £29.99 + p&p)

Can’t decide? Need a good selection for different people. Get a bundle of games!

Get your orders in now!